VoIP Gateway

Cost saving benefits without having to purchase a new PBX.

VoIP Gateway


Cost saving benefits without having to purchase a new PBX.

Enjoy the cost saving benefits of routing your Voice calls via BitCo without having to purchase a new PBX with a VoIP Gateway.


A VoIP Gateway is a device which converts telephony traffic from analogue to digital. Telephone calls are converted to digital packets, enabling telephone calls to transport over a local area network (LAN) or other IP-based network.


Using our VoIP Gateway, all your outgoing calls will be routed to BitCo Voice (BitCo’s Voice over IP solution) without having to change your current PBX system. Our solution has proven to be interoperable with all major soft switches and SIP-PBX brands.

Important Features

  • Up to 50%* cost savings on all your outgoing calls.
  • Up to 120 VoIP calls: With four E1/PRI ports and one Ethernet port.
  • Transparent telephony features: Complex number manipulation and mapping for seamless integration with existing infrastructures is easy, supporting trouble-free migration to a VoIP PBX.
  • Automatic failover in the event of a failure.

*Call savings are estimates, based on BitCo Voice rates and subject to a cost saving analysis.

Suitable for

  • Clients wishing to access BitCo Voice with their existing PBX.
  • Clients wanting to route all their outgoing calls to BitCo Voice without changing their current PBX system.

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