Virtual PBX

Uncompromised communication with crystal clear Voice.

Virtual PBX


Clear Voice Calls. No hardware or bulky equipment.

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (VPBX) is often referred to as “Cloud PBX” or “Hosted PBX“. Meaning it is a cloud or hosted PBX solutions. A business can use it to route external calls through a network of internal phone lines. It is software based and completely replaces the traditional, hardware based PBX. Eliminating the need for an on-site PBX and in turn reducing set up costs.


BitCo’s VPBX means that your call comes through to our data centre. We use our secure technology to reroute the call and direct it appropriately.This solution can provide you with a range of features not available on a traditional PBX. And since it is software based, the installation is relatively quick and easy.It works with most VoIP, SIP compliant IP phones or analogue phones. We can provide you with the Virtual PBX as well as VoIP ready IP Phones.


  • Range of features: Call recording is available from your own computer
  • Billing reports: Available from your own computer
  • Managed equipment: Less expensive maintenance, insurance and housing of equipment
  • Expandable: Ability to grow and expand with your business, without extensive costs or hardware upgrade.
  • No large upfront costs required
  • Number portability: Always keep your number
  • IVR (Auto Attendant) available

Suitable for

  • Clients that need their PBX to grow and expand with the business.
  • Clients wanting to eliminate extensive costs or hardware upgrades.
  • Small to medium enterprises.


  • 1 level IVR only
  • Bandwidth available:
  • Concurrent Calls: Capable of approximately 10 concurrent calls via a 4 Mbps ADSL line (example).
  • Voicemail to email
  • Free Calls on Branch Calling
  • TMS available
  • Voice recordings access
  • Day dial Plan – auto only
  • Night Dial Plan – auto only
  • Bronze SLA complimentary

Additional Services


Not only can BitCo offer you a premium Virtual PBX solution, we can also provide you with a quality Internet Connection and IP Phones.

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