Does your business fall within our coverage area? 

You can toggle between Fibre or Wireless by selecting the corresponding button under ‘connectivity type’. To see if your business falls within our coverage area, simply type your physical address in the bar located on the map and hit enter. If the pin falls in a shaded area, our probability for installation at your premises is extremely high.


Fibre coverage reflects proximity to our active Fibre nodes and Wireless coverage reflects proximity to our active high-sites.


*WDSL and Compact Wireless packages are not available in Cape Town.

Guaranteed 99% Uptime 0


  • Blue Area = BitCo On Net Coverage
  • Red Area = BitCo Off Net Coverage
  • Purple Buildings = BitCo Connected Shopping Malls
  • Orange Buildings / Business Parks = BitCo Connected Business Parks

Note that the coverage map illustrates our network’s active reach but does not guarantee successful installation of services. To find out more about probability, please, click here.

Outside our Coverage Area

If your pin falls outside of a shaded area, it means that our network is not yet activated in that specific location. However, we are constantly expanding our reach and activating new nodes or high sites. For this reason, we encourage you to please submit a request for an obligation free quotation. Our representatives will liaise with the infrastructure planning department to determine probability of services in your area.

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