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Business Connectivity – Probability

Business Connectivity – Probability


We pride ourselves on our Quality of Service and therefore employ the strictest measures in our assessment process. This is to ensure that we are able to uphold our promise of a premium Internet experience and guaranteed 99% uptime.


There are many factors which can affect our ability to provide Fibre or Wireless services to your premises. Once we receive your request for an obligation free quote, your location is immediately assessed to determine probability for provision of services.


First we must confirm that your location falls within reach of our network. While the coverage map provides an indication of range, we must rule out other factors which cannot be seen on the map.


Topographic obstacles can be hills or valleys will impede line of sight required for successful Wireless Connectivity. Man-made obstacles can be physical structures which will once again impede line of sight.


Sometimes, there are legalities which can restrict us from providing services. An example is the restriction of radio communications The Electronic Communications Act does not allow electronic communications to be transmitted across a road without a legally obtained waybill permitting an IECS license holder to do so. This specifically affects Fibre connectivity where the Fibre optic cables sometimes need to run under a road.


When the above obstacles are ruled out, we then need to access the conditions of the physical premises we would be connecting to our network. Here we confirm that all minimum requirements pertaining to Health and safety requirements, accessibility and surrounding conditions of the area are met. This is why a physical site survey is required. Ultimately, a site survey is the only sure fire way to confirm provision of services is indeed practically possible.


Thereafter, our sales representative would be able to advise you on the remaining checks required to confirm you as a qualifying service applicant.