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National Licensed Tier 1 Internet and Telephony Provider

Established in 2006, BitCo have been perfecting business optimised last mile Internet and telephony services for over a decade. BitCo is a national licensed tier 1 Internet and telephony provider. This means BitCo are independent of any third party suppliers to deliver electronic communications over their private Fibre optic and Wireless last mile network. BitCo built and maintains their entire network which spans across South Africa.


It is this complete control which enables them to guarantee uptime and configure their network to optimally service the broad South African Business Market.


Their focus to SA Business and employing QoS optimised for such, which ranks them amongst the very best.


The impeccably robust network core is housed in one of SA’s foremost datacentres. Here, they peer directly with the other major operators as well as NAP Africa, JINX, CINX and DINX. They have also established points of presence throughout South Africa, with international breakout in JHB, KZN and CPT. This lowers latency, call costs and aids millisecond failover options.


BitCo provides services directly to businesses, small and large, and allow resale and wholesale options.

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Business Fibre Internet Solutions | BitCo Fibre

BitCo Fibre


Corporate Fibre is the standard offering which comprises of synchronous speeds from 10Mbps up to 1,000Mbps.

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Wireless Internet Solutions for Business | BitCo

BitCo Wireless


BitCo uses open and licensed frequency spectrum to provide carrier class microwave Ethernet connectivity for speeds up to 100Mbps.

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Voice Solutions for Business | BitCo

BitCo Voice


BitCo offers reliable voice communications, including IP PBX, Voice over IP, VoIP Gateway, Virtual PBX, and IP Phones.

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