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Revolutionise the way your business connects with Wireless connectivity.

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Tailor-made and uncompromised VoIP and PBX solutions for your business.

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Independent, licensed tier 1 Telecommunications provider.


Established in 2006, BitCo have been perfecting business optimised last mile Internet and telephony services for over a decade. BitCo is a national licensed tier 1 Internet and telephony provider. This means BitCo is independent of any third party suppliers to deliver electronic communications over their private Fibre optic and Wireless last mile network. BitCo built and maintains their entire network which spans across South Africa. BitCo provides services directly to businesses, small and large, and allow resale and wholesale options.

9 May, 2017


BitCo leads the charge for making human connections-2


BitCo leads the charge for making human connections

BitCo-Cares is a hands-on social investment initiative which calls employees, stakeholders, channel partners and the public to action throughout the year to donate time and human interaction above other much-needed resources.


05 May, 2017


BitCo-How your ISP can affect your bottom line


How Your ISP Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Business connectivity is the heart beat of the SME revolution. Is your ISP helping you use it to drive profits or simply letting it become a drain on your expendable bank balance? Jarryd Chatz explains how businesses can ensure they choose the right ISP.


26 Apr, 2017




Enterprises Are Reaching For The Clouds

Enterprises today no longer question whether or not they should move to Cloud. CIOs, CTO’s, IT Directors and executives need no convincing about the benefits that Cloud solutions bring. Fibre is one component that no cloud solution can do without.


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