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Call savings, reduced rates and number porting

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To ensure highest quality VoIP, faster downloading and no more buffering

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Premium home Uncapped wireless Internet

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Wireless and Fibre last mile options


BitCo is an independent, licensed Tier 1 telecommunications operator.

We provide innovative Internet, Voice and Connectivity solutions for your business and home. Our 99% service guarantee means you are always connected. We believe in providing you with quality service while allowing for scalable pricing options to suit your business or home requirements.


Get Connected

As a proud Tier 1 operator, we own our network and are in control of building and maintaining the infrastructure. No third parties to rely on. You can be assured you are dealing with a reliable Last Mile provider for your home and business Internet and telephony needs. 



What our clients say

“We don’t even have Wi-Fi connected yet but I have to commend every staff member I have been I contact with so far. The installation team today were an absolute pleasure and I recommend you hang on to guy’s like that. Bitco have set very high standards and my hope is that this is what I can expect as a level of service moving forward, if it is, you’ll have a champion for your residential sector.” 

Danielle Anderson Danielle Anderson Home User - Gauteng

 “My experience with BitCo has been fantastic. Fast uninterrupted internet with excellent download and upload speed. In terms of large downloads it gets a good rate as well as only being limited for one hour after the download has ended. Even gamers will want for nothing with strong connections and fast lines that insure a smooth gaming experience every time. Since I have started there has been no downtime or issue whatsoever and I strongly recommend switching over to BitCo. Many were the times my friends experienced downtime and had to sit at home complaining while I was still happily online. You will find that after you try this internet, anything else just makes you laugh.” 

Gerhard Hattingh Gerhard Hattingh Online Gamer