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BitCo is an independent, licensed Tier 1 telecommunications operator.

We provide innovative Internet, Voice and Connectivity solutions for your business. Ensuring you are always connected – which is why we offer guaranteed 99% uptime. We believe in providing you with Premium Internet services to suit your business requirements.


Why BitCo?

Get Connected

As a proud Tier 1 operator, we own our network and are in control of building and maintaining the infrastructure. No third parties to rely on. You can be assured you are dealing with a reliable Last Mile provider for your Internet and telephony needs.

What our clients say

“Bitco have been an absolute delight to deal with, and I am extremely impressed with my internet connection. BitCo keep up the good work. “

Eugene Brink Eugene Brink via MyBroadband

“The service given from bitco was excellent. The staff and call centre people are kind and very willing to help. The technicians who came out for the installation were professional and worked neat and tidily. I must say that if Bitco can keep this up then they’re looking at a very bright future…Now for the actual internet… this Bitco link is damn amazing!! It is so consistent every single time. Pings are super low and no packet loss what so ever. Streaming just cruises along. Im very impressed with just how stable it is… If anyone is on 3G or ADSL please for your own sake consider Bitco it is how the internet is supposed to be.”

Caleb Caleb via MyBroadband

“I have been using ADSL for a long time, upgrading etc. as needed. The last year+ was probably the worst in any Internet users life. Constant issues of downtime, slow ADSL, horrific latency’s etc. I finally cracked and decided to put in a wireless solution. I have been using BitCo’s services for 3 weeks and I am as happy as a Pig in mud!! Gone are latency’s, gone are the slow performance due to climate, or bad copper, or just…whatever!”

Morne Smith Morne Smith

“It’s very rare to do a support request and have something fully answered in the first response. Normally you have to deal with dumb questions and a bit of slow back and forth etc which gets frustrating.”

rorz0r rorz0r via MyBroadband
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